R.R. Morarka Public School

A Place to Grow .......

Managed by R.R. Morarka Charitable Trust, Mumbai

School Affiliation No : 2130396


The school premises falls in the vicinity of Dwarikesh Group's (DSIL) sugar plant where great attention is paid to the conservation of environment. DSIL has obtained UNFCC accreditation for CDM (Clean Development Mechanism). This accreditation is awarded to industries who contribute in the war against global warming by minimizing pollution levels, promoting greenery and using environment friendly technology.

DSIL has taken up an extensive forestation programme in the entire Dwarikesh Nagar area. Its Task Force has planted more than 10,000 trees in the area. The group also buys seedlings and saplings and distribute them free of cost to the residents of neighboring villages.

Even inside the school campus, a pleasantly green and healthy environment is unmistakable. Series of trees, bushes, colorful flowers and beautifully landscapped lawns makes the students feel nice and happy. Plants cover most surfaces and are piled precariously on walls and stairwells. Preservation of this soothing green environment is part of the school's philosophy.

Not only does it help keep the local environment healthy and safe for our lovely, tender tiny-tots. The school's work has also inspired our children who take active interest in our nature-friendly activities and many of them can be seen requesting their teachers to let them plant a few saplings. Unknowingly but surely, they are moving towards a green lifestyle which makes us feel very satisfied.

With the view of enhancing awareness of biodiversity conservation, negotiating local environmental issues, and creating a "clean and green consciousness" among the campus community through various innovative methods, management , faculty members and students of R R Morarka Public School have also initiated and formed Eco-club, RRMPS. This indicates towards a comprehensive 'green approach' being followed at the RRMPS.

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